Horse and Pony News

Many of you wonder about the horses and ponies that we have at Serene Acres and how they came to be such wonderful school masters.

This page will introduce you to some of them and we will announce new arrivals to you so you can check them out before your next lesson.

I thought I would start the year with our first ponies that we brought with us from Scotland in December of 2003.

Lucky - Lakeview Lucky Me

So many of our riders began on this very sweet pony that we lost in 2017. He is very much missed and we all think of him often. He was affectionately known as Lucky Bucky, not that he bucked a lot or that he got riders off but because he would let you know when you used the crop. He then would move off your leg and be the most endearing pony ever for little riders to learn on. Ponies come and go in a barn but this little guy will be in our hearts for ever.


This our newest arrival at the barn. 
Merlyn Syndod 

Meet Merlyn Syndod - Pony Surprise in English. Merlyn is a Welsh Pony that we didn't know was coming but are delighted to have a baby in the barn again. Taylor his mother has just gone back into work and we hope to put some much needed show miles on her this spring. You will meet Merlyn again when he is older and ready to join the lessons.
Merlyn is still growing up and will be ready to begin his training in spring of 2018. He will also be baby sitting Rosie's new baby that is due in April. Watch this page for its arrival!!

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