Daily Turnout with blanketing

Use of Facilities with the support of knowledgeable staff

Hay sourced from local farms

Bedding of high quality shavings 


De worming on a barn schedule with roatation


Feeding Grain from a local mill


Matted Stalls that are facing others





Blacksmith - we offer the services of a professional farrier

 By Request


Holding Service - if you can't be here we are here for you



Mane Pulling - we have an excellent working student who is great at mane pulling



Tacking Up - no time to ride, let us help you and have your horse ready when you arrive



Grooming - if you need extra help or would like to spoil your horse a little more




  • Full Care offers stall boarding year round with many extras included in the package.
  • Whilst shoes are not included in Full Care, we can arrange for our blacksmith to visit regularly and hold the horse for you (administration fee applies).


  • Daily checks for all horses on field care with free access to hay provided throughout the winter.
  • Horses are kept in mare and gelding fields so the horses are happier with each other.


  • Indoor arena (96’ x 110’) with 22 stalls
  • Wash areas and NEW enlarged tack room
  • Outdoor grass arena
  • Outdoor full size arena with jumps
  • Board fence paddocks
  • 2 additional traditional barns with stalls
  • Horse B&B
  • Wonderful Trail Rides
  • Relaxed atmosphere 


Turnout is daily except for extreme weather conditions. Horses can be turned out in groups of gelding/mare or with other compatible horses. Fencing is board and post.

Stalls are 12x12 rubber matted with fans in the summer and ground feeders so cleaning is easier. Stalls are bedded pine sawdust.

Supplements provided can be added to the feed daily, free of charge for full care only. Field boarders will be subject to a daily charge.

Blanketing and boots will be fitted daily free of charge for full care only if required, but cleaning and storage is the responsibility of owner.

Lay-up facility is available in the full care barn with an additional fee of $8 per day. This will include medication/bandage and regular checks throughout the day/evening. For horses not requiring lay-up but medication, a fee of $5 per day is charge.

Vets - Each owner may use their own vet but the vet used by the barn may be called in an emergency situation. The owner is required to advise the barn owner of vets time of arrival and reason of call out so that we can help in any follow up care.

Farrier - Full Care customers may use barn owners farrier although an administration fee will be charged for holding.  Alternatively, owners may use their own farrier but holding will be owners responsibility.

Holding fees for vet and other professionals is $25 per visit.

Rider's facility is located in the second floor Gallery - kitchen and bathroom facilities provided (including hot showers).  In addition, the Gallery includes a refrigerator and microwave available for the use of riders/owners.

Trailer parking - we have several spaces for trailer parking (outdoor) and this is offered on a first come basis with a fee of $50 per month. Trailers must be in serviceable order and have current inspection sticker.

Medical requirements prior to boarding

Free from any infectious, contagious diseases.

We can recommend the barn vet to you for any routine care and the barn vet is called for all emergencies unless you have specified your own vet. 

Required negative Coggins Test, vaccinations which are current for Rabies, Encephalitis, Rhino pnuemonitis, Influenza, Potomac Horse Fever, West Nile, Streptococcus Equi (Strangles) and deworming after which horse will be on the barn worming program.


Clipping - $40 per hour or part thereof.

Platting (braiding) - $25 mane, $20 tail.

Washing of horse - $20 per hour.

Horse B&B - $20 per night including bedding and hay.


Boarding prices start from $350 per month (Field).  Please contact us  for full details.