Lessons at Serene Acres Riding Center are fun whilst being a positive riding experience. Our instructors are all qualified with the talents to teach all levels of riders.
For 2018 we have been planning the year's events and shows for all levels. If you are a new rider in Hunter shows, young Eventer or ride just for fun we have a lesson for you. 

You may sign up for lessons below and please contact us for more information about the correct lesson for you.

Riding lessons are designed to produce balanced, secure and effective riders that are in harmony with the horses they ride. It is vital, therefore, that beginner riders are taught soundly from the outset. Correct foundations, with an emphasis on posture, are paramount. We take time with beginners in order that stability, confidence and effective riding is achieved before moving on to the next level.

Pamela Smith manages all riding instruction and instructs personally at certain designated times of the week.

**Winter weather policy**
If Loudoun Co schools are closed we may be closed too.
If day time temperatures do not reach 32* we may be closed! 
If the lanes around the farm are icy or covered in snow we may be closed.
If you get stuck here you get to help muck until you can get out again!

Please email, text or call if you are not sure 571 233 0162.

Lessons are taught privately or in a group situation.

  • Beginners – Will be taught to ride in walk and trot, progressing to rising on the correct diagonal.
  • Beginners Plus – Will take riders on to the next level including walk, trot and canter. Aids used for effective and balanced transitions. Work will incorporate ground poles in preparation for jumping, drills and formation riding.
  • Intermediate – At this level, the rider will have established a good foundation in equitation, being secure and confident. Work will include riding without stirrups, lateral work and jumping up to 2’6.
  • Advanced – At this level the riders are expected to be able to ride with balance, rhythm and jump at a height of at least 2'9. For the advanced lessons you are required to groom and tack your own mount each week. 
For lesson payments please scroll to the end of this page for online payment.

If you are new to lessons we would like to speak with you first to know the best lesson to place you before you begin riding with Serene Acres. Email or call us for an assessment lesson.


As a barn we attend shows throughout the summer season in the local Hunter/Jumpers and Horse Trials shows along with many Pony Club events. We provide fun and encouraging ways to ‘show’ what you have learned in your lessons. Most shows are within an hours drive and parents are involved in the preparation. You may win wonderful ribbons and will have a fantastic time.

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